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American Government

Study of the theory and practice of the American political system at the

national, state, and local levels.  Some emphasis is given to the recent trends

in government.  Questions of national security, foreign policy, and civil

liberties will be examined.  This course satisfies state requirements concerning

the United States and Georgia Constitutions.  (Offered Fall and Spring 


3 Hours


International Politics

Components and characteristics of the international political system; conflict

and cooperation in international relations; and the changing nature of

international political behavior. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Comparative Politics

Comparative analysis of existing structures, processes, and problems of

political systems from a global perspective. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours



Western Political Thought

A survey of the development of Western political ideas,

 including the contributions of Ancient Greece, Rome, the Church Fathers,

Renaissance and Reformation writers, liberalism, and contemporary political

 thinkers. (Offered Fall semester, odd years).

3 Hours


The American Presidency

The historical development and constitutional basis of the U.S. Presidency, its

contemporary roles and responsibilities, and its relationships with other

political institutions.  Prerequisite: POL 202. 

3 Hours


Congress and the Legislative Process

An examination of the United States Congress, with emphasis on recruitment

and composition, styles of representation, leadership, the role of interest

groups and the executive in the legislative process, organization, and

functions. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Campaigns and Elections

An examination of the pluralistic nature of American politics, with emphasis

on group behavior and lobbying; development, organization, and functions

of political parties; elections, electoral behavior, and campaigning; and public

opinion. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours



Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences


Material covered includes frequency distributions and graphs, descriptive

measures, probability, probability distributions and introductions to correlation

 coefficients and simple regression, chi-square, t-tests, and analysis variance.

Does not require knowledge of calculus. Prerequisites: POL 202 and

MTH 101 or MTH 102 and MTH 104. (Offered Fall and Spring semesters).

3 Hours


State and Local Government

Organization and functions of state and local government in the United States,

 intergovernmental relations, administration, adjudication, and the

organization and function of political parties on state and local levels.

Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

Political philosophers from Plato to Thomas Aquinas;

their ideas examined and related to current issues. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Modern Political Thought

Political philosophers from Machiavelli to Mill to contemporary political

thinkers; ideas providing the basis of modern political understanding and

controversy will be examined. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours



American Political Thought


Survey of the American political mind from the Early Republic to

contemporary controversies. Emphasis on the problems of popular rule,

federalism, and representation. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours




Constitutional Law I: National and State Powers


The Constitution as it has evolved as a basic law by means of interpretation

through Supreme Court decisions. Special emphasis is placed on major cases

affecting the scope of state and federal powers, and individual rights.

Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties

Reviews development of the Bill of Rights and political and civil liberties in

the American constitutional system. Limitations on governmental powers

with emphasis on freedom of speech, press, religion, and the rights of accused.

Modern theories of constitutional interpretation surveyed.

Prerequisite: POL 202

3 Hours


Business Law

The law of business with an emphasis on contracts in personal and real

property, sales, business organizations, commercial paper, employment, and

insurance, and ethics(Fall semester).

3 Hours


American Foreign Policy

The institutions and procedures involved in formation and implementation of

American foreign policy, with some consideration of important elements and

strategies of American foreign policy from World War II to the present.

Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Public Administration

Factors that shape and condition administrative

institutions; formal organizational theory; regulatory activities and

administrative responsibility in a democratic society. Prerequisite: POL 202.

3 Hours


Political and Organizational Leadership

Studies of the concepts and processes of organizational leadership as related

 to academics, business, political, and human resource settings.

Prerequisites: CHR 101 or CHR 102 or COM 101, or EDU 101, or HS 201,

or PE 206, or POL 210, or PSY 201 or SOC 201.

3 Hours




Supervised practical experience designed to give the student the opportunity

to apply theoretical knowledge to the actual functioning of the government

and/or political process. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and completion

of nine hours in Political Science. (Offered on demand).

1-6 Hours



Topics in Political Science

A study of selected topics. The topic and number of hours of credit will vary.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and POL 202.

1-3 Hours



Senior Seminar

A course that seeks to provide students the opportunity to integrate the

concepts and theories of political science with Christian theology.

Students will be challenged to confront and resolve key issues they will face

as they seek to live out their biblical faith in their profession and in their civic

and personal lives.  Prerequisite: Instructor’s approval and completion of the

Political Science Assessment Examination.  (Offered Spring Semester).

# Hours




Political Science Course Schedule



Text Box: Fall Semester, Odd Year                                                      Spring Semester, Even Year
(Acad. year begin. in ′09, '11, et al.)                                   (Jan. ′08, ′10, '12, et al.)
POL 202-American Government (Cheek)                          POL 202-American Government (Cheek)
POL 202-American Government (Cheek)                          POL 202-American Government (Cheek)
POL 205-Western Political Thought (Cheek)                  POL 204-Comparative Politics (Cheek)
POL 302-Congress (Cheek)                                                 POL 301-American Presidency (Cheek)
POL 304-Statistics for SBS (Tiu)                                        POL 304-Statistics for SBS (Tiu)
POL 309-State and Local Government (Johnson)            POL 345-Ancient and Med. Pol. Thought (Cheek)
POL 350-Con. Law I (Johnson)                                           POL 351-Con. Law II (Johnson)
POL 352-Business Law (Johnson)                                     POL 420-Public Administration (Johnson)
POL 470-Internship (TBA)                                                  POL 421-Pol. and Organ. Leadership (Johnson)
                                                                                                POL 470-Internship (TBA)
                                                                                                POL 490-Senior Seminar (DS)



Text Box: Fall Semester, Even Year                                                     Spring Semester, Odd Year
(Acad. Year begin. ′08, '10, et al.)                                        (Jan. ′09, '11, et al.)
POL 202-American Government (Cheek)                           POL 202-American Government (Cheek)
POL 202-American Government (Cheek)                           POL 202-American Government (Cheek)
POL 203-International Politics (Cheek)                              POL 304-Statistics for SBS (Tiu)
POL 303-Campaigns and Elections (TBA)                        POL 333-International Law (Johnson)
POL 304-Statistics for SBS (Tiu)                                        POL 347-American Pol. Thought (Cheek)
POL 309-State and Local Government (Johnson)            POL 351-Con. Law II (Johnson) 
POL 346-Modern Pol. Thought (Cheek)                            POL 390-Amer. Foreign Policy (Cheek/Crowe)
POL 350-Con. Law I (Johnson)                                          POL 420-Public Administration (Johnson)
POL 352-Business Law (Johnson)                                     POL 421-Pol. and Organ. Leadership (Johnson)
POL 470-Internship (TBA)                                                 POL 470-Internship (TBA)
                                                                                                POL 490-Senior Seminar (Cheek)